"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..." Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Live in the sunshine”

We deserve this. ThisĀ SUN. This summer that has finally arrived.

We need it. Beautiful, radiant, life-enhancing soul grabbingly brilliant bloody sun. We need the summer. The day upon day upon day of warmth where we learn to trust that there will be a tomorrow filled with more opportunities for garden sitting and Pimms sipping.

Each summer is a memory of those that have gone before and a promise of what is yet to come. Summer is a place where the adults throw off responsibility with our clothes. We drink the wine, forget about work and let the kids stay up late running barefoot on the beach ’til dark and eating ice cream for dinner. We see ourselves no longer as the pale, stressed, sullen creatures of winter but bronze limbed, passionate, spontaneous life grabbers eschewing chores and for a beach barbecue and a large G&T.

We look back at the summers of our childhood and try to relive through our own kids the magic of the summer holidays. We want it for them, all of it. The summers we had, or if we were unlucky, the summers we longed for or read about…

Running, running, running with friends ’til your chest was fit to burst and legs were filthy. Reading stories on the grass in the sunshine. Eating ice cream on the beach. Any beach. No worries, no school, just bikes and mates and playing in each other’s gardens and not coming home until you are so tired ant thirsty that you have to. Then downing a pint of squash and it tasting – SO GOOD. The smells; coconutty sun cream, cut grass and always a barbecue somewhere. Climbing trees in bare feet. Collecting bugs in jam jars. Building leafy dens. Adventure walks. Mud pies. Nettle stings and hunting for a dock leaf. Driving in the car with all the windows down singing at the top of your lungs on the way to anywhere. WATER FIGHTS with your best friends.

Do you remember daydreaming outside watching clouds change shape and wondering what life life would be like when you grow up? Feeling like summer would never be over even though we knew it would and soon it would be all autumn leaves and exercise books and shiny shoes and socks again.

And now, it is our kids with the sweet sweaty heads and sticky sandy skin wrapped up in big coloured beach towels and washed clean and patted dry each night. Our kids barefoot in the grass and sand and dirt. Our kids voices singing in the back of the car on the way to somewhere. Our kids in and out of each others houses making their memories of summertime. And all the noise and mess and warmth and joy.

It is a gift. Grab it.


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